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Young Onset Parkinson's

Although typically diagnosed around age 60 or later, Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms are not just an older person’s condition. Many people with young onset experience delay in diagnosis given the uncommon age and often different symptoms

Parkinson's Disease Like Symptoms

Chances are if you are on our website right now, that what you have been doing so far to manage Parkinson’s like symptoms is not working or maybe you are looking for the information on how to manage the symptoms and stop the progression. 

Essential Tremor

There is much debate about whether essential tremor is related to Parkinson’s disease and whether one can lead to or is a sign of the other.

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We specialize in a safe, effective and unique approach to Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms and Parkinson’s related conditions, including Young-Onset and Restless Legs Syndrome

Chances are if you are on our website right now, what you have been doing so far is not working.  Maybe you are looking for information on how to manage the symptoms and stop the progression. Regardless, we are glad you are searching.
It may surprise you to know that this effective nutritional way of managing the signs and progression of Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms was developed by a medical team and it's validity is supported by extensive research.
This is a nutritional therapy using food grade (FDA listed as food) Amino Acids (neurotransmitters). This program is based on the work of the medical team led by Dr. Marty Hinz, MD.  
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