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About Us

Welcome to Parkinson's Clinic International

Why “Parkinson’s Disease Like Symptoms” not  “Parkinson’s Disease” - As of now there are no proven diagnostic tests that can definitively diagnose Parkinson's Disease.

Symptoms vary from person to person and a number of other illnesses have similar symptoms, which means misdiagnoses can occur.

Lyme disease, Essential Tremor, Restless legs syndrome, Drug-induced Parkinson’s and many more can mimic Parkinson’s Disease.

Given the complexities, it is important to seek evaluation by a neurologist as well as a movement disorder specialist.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms can be a challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a defeat.

With over a decade of experience in the Amino Acids nutritional therapy, we can help you manage  Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms. Focusing exclusively on Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms, Young-onset, Restless Legs Syndrome and Essential Tremor give us the advantage in addressing each person's unique struggles with their challenging health condition. 


Using our knowledge of health, nutrition, and amino acid (neurotransmitters) supplementation, we offer help managing issues that often mimic Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms. The successful implementation of this nutritional therapy requires a thorough understanding of what clients like you are going though and many years of practice and experience in the nutritional supplement field. Make no mistake, this nutritional program is not easy, it requires discipline and dedication to your health and your life. The results can be amazing. So before you start, ask yourself,  “Is it worth it for me to go through a short time of ups and downs to have a better life?”

The Amino Acids (neurotransmitters) nutritional Program use by Parkinson's Clinic International is based on science and research done by Dr. Marty Hinz, MD, and his medical team.

Those that published these findings have published 22 peer-reviewed papers found on the National Institute of Health website. Six (6) of the 22 papers document original research findings relating to Parkinson’s disease. For these papers to be published required, seven medical doctor authors, eighteen medical doctor peer-reviewers and two editors-in-chief, twenty-seven highly skilled and highly trained people had to approve of the contents before publication.

Listen to the interview on with Ross Stewart and Dr. Hinz

on Parkinson's Recovery show with Robert Rodgers, PhD

Ross Stewart, PhD, A.C.N

Seeing the suffering that Parkinson’s (PD) like symptoms bring, Ross Stewart dedicated his life and has built his career around helping people overcome symptoms.

With his nutritional approach using Amino Acids supplements Ross Stewart is known for his skills of managing Parkinson’s like symptoms and there progression that can be acquired only by many years of practical experience, dedication to excellence and constantly keeping up with the cutting edge of nutritional science.

His interests span the entire spectrum of optimal management of Parkinson’s like symptoms and their progression and Parkinson’s related conditions. His unique approach to wellness recognizes that good health is influenced and dependent on both the physical and mental-emotional levels.

Ross Stewart earned a doctorate in psychology from Indiana State University and has worked with many schools, universities and clinics. He is licensed in the state of Texas and was in private practice in psychology and nutrition in Dallas for 30 years. He developed the dynamic Biodata System that allows for rapid diagnosis of personality problems and pinpoints personal issues that contribute to physical and mental disorders which is use internationally by companies and health professionals.

Presently Ross Stewart used his knowledge of nutrition to effectively address the issues victims of Parkinson’s like symptoms are struggling with. Ross Stewart is an active member of The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine and Institute for Functional Medicine which educates health professionals in an integrative, functional approach to healthcare. Ross Stewart has written dozens of articles and been interviewed extensively in the media over the past 15 years.

Ross Stewart, PhD's is a strong advocate for natural, non-drug alternatives to prescription medications. His expertise in nutrition and promoting healthfulness for thousands of clients over multiple decades equips him to address your nutritional needs and whatever related shortcomings you may be experiencing. Whether you are in search of a healthy mood, normally functioning digestive tract, or otherwise, he is all about eliminating nutritional deficiencies that interfere with you living life to the fullest.